The Boom Booms


The Boom Booms are the rulers of the musical pilgrimage. Hailing from East Vancouver, they have crusaded in a camper down the pacific coast, along dusty roads in Mexico, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Panama and Brazil. They played along the Amazon River and for half naked Carnavalers. They made locals sweat and holler, playing in crammed cucaracha tequila taverns as dancers spilled into the street. They’ve rocked bars and street corners all over France, Belgium, Holland, England, Scotland and Spain. They inhale the locals’ air and on the spot can get a crowd to gather around as they jam on the sidewalk. They have become East Vancouver icons for their live shows and annual block parties, where the hot rum flows and the bodies twist to the music under the sun.

The Boom Booms take voyages to develop their artistry, to perfect their skill. They are a group of musicians who not only need music to nourishing their blood and souls, but a pulse that resembles a Baile Funk joint in the Rocinha Favela. The music they play feeds their own being and stopping means to stop existing. Their music allows listeners to feel unchained when their real lives do not, delivering them from Babylon. Their saga is perpetual. The Boom Booms aren’t like gypsies, they are gypsies.