Mr. Simmonds

Mr. Simmonds engineered and co-produced the soundtrack to the award-winning Edinburgh hip-hop theatre sensation “The Rebel Cell” as well as the accompanying album, he produced MC Dizraeli’s solo debut “Engurland: City Shanties”, and in 2010 worked with Baba Brinkman to produce both the Rap Guide to Human Nature and Rapconteur.

Mr. Simmonds performed live turntablism with Baba Brinkman and Dizraeli in the UK for several years before moving to New York to tackle off-Broadway theatre.

As a producer and engineer, Mr. Simmonds has worked with several mid-scale UK labels such as K7 and Crammed/SSR, as well as major label artists like Alison Goldfrapp and Leftfield. Most recently he performed in and wrote the soundtracks for both of Baba Brinkman’s popular off-Broadway shows, The Rap Guide to Evolution and The Canterbury Tales Remixed.