Aaron Nazrul


The Butterfly Man. Soul singer and front man of the legendary Boom Booms, Aaron grew up in East Vancouver with Boom Boom bassist Geordie Hart, traveling and playing music. His solo album “Butterfly Man” was Lit Fuse Records flagship project, bringing together producers Simon Kendall, Lin Gardiner, and Darren Woodhead to create a beautiful folk and latin soul debut. Songs from Butterfly Man have been featured in television shows 90210 (CBS) and Heartland (CBC) and the single “Delivered” won a Just Plain Folk Award for Best Roots Song.

Aaron Nazrul’s sizzling vocals and songwriting skills have been featured on several of Baba Brinkman’s hottest hip-hop tracks, including Used To Be The Man, Valediction, and Gutter Green.

Currently Aaron is channeling all of his musical energies into the Boom Booms, Vancouver’s rising musical stars.


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Butterfly Man on Bandcamp
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