About Lit Fuse Records

Founded by Baba Brinkman in 2007, Lit Fuse Records is currently home to six solo acts or groups, and has released nearly a dozen albums. Our songs have appeared in feature films and on US Network television, and our artists tour the world and make music with a social impact.

The label produces and develops artists on a project basis in consultation with A&R and music maven Erik Brinkman (Baba’s brother). Recording, mixing and mastering of our albums is done by veteran producers and engineers, primarily Mr. Simmonds in the UK and Lin G in Vancouver.

Our music is currently represented by three sync-licensing companies: Soundtraxx/8Fold in Nelson, BC, AudioSocket in Seattle, WA, and IndiePool in Toronto, ON. We are always seeking new outlets to bring our music to a wider audience, especially through film and television productions, so if you are interested in putting our catalogue to work (more than 200 original tracks including instrumentals), please get in touch.

So far Lit Fuse Records is a passion-project not a juggernaut, but the talent pool is deep, the music is potent, and all it takes is a spark.